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[Story] Total Love (Complete Episodes)

[Story] Total Love (Complete Episodes)

[Story] Total Love (Complete Episodes)

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Episode 61

The Queen entered and met the scene. “Hey” she shouted loudly.

Tony turned back and faced her. She stared at him for a moment before recognizing him properly. The Princess and her friends too just entered into the palace, Ruth also started staring at Tony but couldn’t remember where she saw the face vividly.

The Queen fainted and Tony left the palace immediately without uttering a word.


The Queen was rushed to the hospital immediately. The King was also shivering after scolding his guards for not present inside the palace to guard him well. They all were still thinking a ghost arrived.

Tony got inside the car and drove off, Ibadan straight and continued discussing with his accompanists of all that happened in the palace.

“So, when are we going to come back?” Winnie asked.

‘That will be determined later.’ He replied and drove on, still impatient.

The Queen opened her eyes and saw she was in the hospital. The King was in the palace then still shivering, not quite long after then, Omitola entered into the palace with the Children-examiners and a set of twins to show to the King.

She met the King shivering, immediately the King saw her he quickly replied them “go and dispose them!”

Omitola walked closer, ‘is everything fine, your highness?’ She asked.

“I saw a ghost… Few minutes ago, a ghost came into this palace.” He replied.

‘A GHOST?’ Omitola wondered.

‘Yes, you should know my best friend.. Tony.’ He replied.

‘Friend? Tony?..’ She was re collecting.

…Ooh.. That your friend.. She uttered remembering properly.

‘Yes.’ The King quickly replied.

Omitola sighed and smiled to him. “Your friend…” She repeated and shook her head.

‘Yes now!’ The King exclaimed.

‘What was he putting on when you saw him?’

‘A good shirt and trouser.’ He replied.

“There’s no boutique in heaven now, that means he’s alive.” She faced him, still wondering.

‘He’s alive?’ The King asked again.



The Queen was discharged from the hospital few hours after she woke up and was driven to the palace. Princess Ruth was by the pool side with her friends then, as usual. They all rushed after the Queen to know her state of health.

The King was seated alone in the palace, omitola had left then, he was thinking of different things that happened in the past. The maids assisted the Queen to her room while the princess and her friends returned outside.
The princess and her friends started discussing about Daniel and Darasimi angrily. They were so vexed, thinking on whether stopping their acts or discard both of them.

Daniel came inside the palace, looking so angry. His trouser was looking dirty, he had been walking and sweating profusely. He snubbed the princess and her friends and walked into the palace to meet the King.

He saw the King seated on the throne, still thinking of Tony. He cleared his throat so that his presence would be felt. The king was attracted to his act and quickly faced where he was, he was very terrified and thought Tony had come again.

“It isn’t fair, punishing the righteous and releasing the unjust from what they caused to the righteous.” He stepped further and his boldness increased. He looked into the eyes of the King as he walked closer.

‘And you have the audacity to reveal my daughter, all in the name of hatred.’ The King replied.

‘No.. You are wrong. All in the name of being righteous, not hatred.’ He uttered.

“You are causing trouble for yourself.. What I’m I saying, you’ve caused trouble for yourself. You’ve caused havoc in the palace and made different things happen today because of your stupid act!” He shouted.

Dan smiled and took one more step forward. “This is serious. I can see that the King is very angry, the princess and her friends tried to cause this and you……
Dan smiled and took one more step
forward. “This is serious. I can see that
the King is very angry, the princess and
her friends tried to cause this and you as the King brought them out of their trouble and neglected the one that almost died.” He concluded.

‘I don’t have time for all this your thrash. Now, where are the guards!’ He shouted.

The guards rushed into the palace at once. “Now get this foolish ingrate off my front and search for that stupid girl, send them all away from this Kingdom to the forbidden forest.” He concluded.

“FOREST?” He repeated.

Gloria and Funke had prepared to go to the palace since its been some minutes and Daniel wasn’t seen. They passed the place different from where the guards took Daniel along. They got to the palace gate and asked the gate keeper if Daniel was still there. They were really concerned because he left the palace with anger.

This time, the palace guards had gotten to Funke’s place lead by a guard that knew the place. Funke had woken already and was in the living room trying to call Dan to come. The gate was opened at once and she was also gotten.

The gate keeper informed Gloria and Funke about the King’s order that he said Daniel and a girl should be sent out of the Kingdom to the forbidden forest. They rushed back home immediately.

Episode 62

Darasimi and Daniel got to the entrance of the exit of the Kingdom that leads to a great forest. The forest was created as a boundary between Rily Kingdom and Sash Kingdom due to a fight between the two Kingdoms. There were standby guards at the exit of the Kingdom to prevent people from leaving the Kingdom.

The only people privileged to leave the Kingdom for great hunting are great hunters, ordinary hunters aren’t event allowed to leave the exit, great hunters also don’t go beyond the quarter of the forest before turning back into the Kingdom because of the dangerous animals and spirits that can’t be seen and those that can be seen.

Darasimi and Daniel were lead out of the Kingdom into the forbidden forest. Some minutes later, Funke and Gloria got there, weeping but it was too late.


Tony got home smiling. He took some rest , still thinking about all that happened. He thought on when next to go to the palace to see the Queen and her husband as a surprise package again. He kept on smiling, ‘that day will be great.’ He thought in him.

Funke and Gloria rushed back to the palace angrily but weren’t allowed to entered into the palace according to the will of the King. He had told the gate keepers that they shouldn’t allow their parents into the palace. He was still very angry, thinking of all what he had done for Daniel and what he repayed him with.

The Queen was with the King in the palace then with some chieves. The Queen was really happy to hear about the King’s decision. The Princess and her friends were still beside the pool, very angry and unhappy Dan had gone just like that.

Chief Kolade kept begging the King that he should quickly send some great hunters after Dan and Dara to get them before its too late. “This issue isn’t up to this your highness, you should have tempered justice. You’ve just ended their lives.” He uttered.

‘So I don’t know what I’m doing right?’ The King faced him

“No, your highness…” He was trying to explain.

‘Don’t utter a word, remove the beads on you and leave this palace without returning.’ He commanded.

Daniel and Darasimi started their journey in the forbidden forest little by little. They walked for almost two hours then both viewed a man sitting on a mortal some distance away.


Chief Kolade walked out of the Palace disgraced. The Queen was still happy about all that happened but her mind was still clicking on the issue of Tony. She walked inside her room, some minutes later, Princess came inside and headed to her room for some findings.

She walked inside her room looking so refreshed. “Mum, who was that man?” She inquired.

‘Which man.. The one we saw when we came back?’ She asked back.

“Yes.. That face seems familiar.” She replied.

‘That’s the King’s friend that you saw his passport photograph..’ She replied.

‘Huh? Dead man?’ She grinned.

“Sure.. That was why I fainted.. Rather uncontrollable..” She replied.

‘Is he not dead?’ She asked.

“How would I know?” The Queen replied.

‘This is beyond imagination!’


Tony got his laptop ready and started some findings on it. Still racking his brain for more information about the issue of Queen and the King when he heard shout from inside.

He rushed in and met his wife in labour. They rushed to the hospital straight.

Daniel and Darasimi trembled with fear on seeing the man seated further them. They were both shivering and steering at each other. The man stood up suddenly and started walking towards them.

Episode 63

‘He must be an evil spirit too.’ Daniel thought. He didn’t know what to do.

The man finally arrived laughing out loud. Darasimi held on to Daniel both were very afraid. The man stretched a black powder forward to Daniel to take. “You’ll need it in your journey.” He uttered.

‘D.. Don’t worry sir.’ Daniel stammered taking a short pace.

“You better take this! You’ll need it!” The man uttered again.

“NO!” Daniel replied walking swiftly.

They got to another place and met this same man again, begging them with the substance he was holding but both refused to collect it. They walked some distance later and met him for the third time and still refused the man’s substance. “Now, if you come to beg me for it, I won’t give you!” He uttered.

The King was totally confused on the throne he was sitting on. He was looking here and there to confirm if Tony is not in the palace again. The princess got down the staircase and greeted the King. “I’m going back to school.” She uttered.

‘Now, there’s no one that can disturb you. Don’t behave irrationally, and tell your friends too to tread softly.’ He said.

“Alright Dad.” She smiled. ‘… But dad, the man we met here this afternoon, isn’t he your friend?’ She inquired.

“Yes.. I don’t know why his dead body came to visit me.”

‘He possibly can’t be dead. He looked cute and okay, dressed in nice outfit. Can a dead man do all that?’ She thought.

‘See my daughter, Tony has died. Let go of his story and head for school, its getting late.’ He replied.

“…Concerning the issue of Dan and Darasimi, why did you send them to the forbidden forest?” She asked wondering.

‘For them to die. Daniel is of no use to me. He’s an ingrate, a foolish boy who can kill you because of an ordinary girl. I shouldn’t have done that but I was over tempered then. It serves them right though.’ He uttered.

Ruth wondered. “Bye.” She left the palace.


Funke and Ruth were together crying profusely. They couldn’t talk but continued with their tears. “So Raymond has turned bad too, sending people into evil forest and enjoying on his foolish throne!” Gloria exclaimed.

‘Urgh! Darasimi!’ Funke continued shouting. Her cloth turned wet and was crying without control.

At least, it looked obvious that they’ll die there because even the greatest hunter mustn’t pass a quatre of the forest or will be attacked by spirits. They couldn’t control the rate of their tears. Two children in their final year, will die just like that?


Dan and Darasimi proceeded in their journey. Still hoping not to see anything wild and bad. Not quite long after they left the man, Darasimi was bitten by a poisonous snake.

Immediately, she loosed control, her system changed and her tounge turned and she couldn’t talk properly. Daniel was with her at the same spot weeping continuously, he didn’t know what next to do.

The old men with walking sticks and dressed in a white dresses walked down their and halted on seeing them. Daniel didn’t even run and show his fear for seeing them but remained at the same spot shaking Darasimi and crying uncontrollably.

‘This girl I’m looking at is already dead.’ One of the men uttered.

“Huh?” Daniel rose his head and stared at the three men and glanced at Darasimi.


DARASIMI! He shouted.

“She’s not dead at all.” Another man uttered among them.

‘She has just thirty minutes to spend on earth if the forest black powder isn’t used on her.’

“Black powder?” Daniel asked anxiously.

‘Yes that’s it. The powder should be with Wisdom. You should have met him on the way.’ The last man guessed.

‘Powder, Man?’ Dan repeated and ran back, searching for the old man. He glanced at the wrist watched on him. It was 3:30 pm exactly, thirty minutes more..

The King left the throne for the room to take a short rest. He laid on his bed and different thought continued flowing through his heart. He wasn’t feeling alright again, maybe because I saw Tony. He thought.

Different kinds of food were prepared for him as lunch but couldn’t eat. His mind wasn’t at rest and lost his appetite. Some minutes later, the Doctor was invited to come and check if he’s alright but his condition started growing worst.

The Queen that had been eating and forgotten she saw a corpse neglected her food on seeing the Doctor entering into the palace. They rushed upstairs to check on the King, it was just as if he wasn’t the one that banished Daniel and Darasimi some hours back, when he was shouting.

The palace became sour and everyone afraid. The first time that kind of illness occurred to the King, it was Dan’s mouth organ that saved him despite the Doctor’s help to assist.

The Queen thought of the mouth organ and ordered the guards to go and search his room for the mouth organ. They found it at last. One of the guards who knew how to use it played differently on it, but every minute, the King’s condition grew worse.

Daniel was still running up and down to save Darasimi. He had sustained different injuries for running so fast in the forest. He kept on falling and standing, to save a soul.

He glanced at the watch again, it was 3:45. Fifteen minutes more.. He thought. He finally saw the man some distance ahead of him and rushed there. The man turned his back at him.

He prostrated on the dirts and stones there and started begging the man for help, but he refused. He continued begging him and was crying out but the man didn’t answer him. He stood up just rushing back when his pocket bible dropped from his pocket.

He picked it up and wondered. “Why have I been running helter skelter when there is something that can save me? Why I’ve I been disturbing myself when I ought to have used my mouth to draw out the poison and pray for her?” He ran back there and still met her groaning in pains.

He had used his singlet to tie her leg. On getting there, he located the exact place and punctured it. He drew out the poison from her leg and continued praying mindfully. After this, he raised his head and met her closed. “Nothing looks as if she’s still alive.” He thought and rushed up.

Episode 64

Darasimi coughed suddenly and opened her eyes at once.

The palace has turned into confusion. The King’s sickness continued waxing stronger every minute. Everyone unhappy and everywhere, quiet. The Doctor had invited three more Doctors into the palace.

“Within how many hours, he was still in the living room some hours back shouting. What sprung up just now. Tony? Dan?” The Queen was wondering.

“This is beyond our wisdom. I guess we’ll have to take him to our hospital for continuous tests.” The Doc. uttered.

‘Let’s go there now!’ The Queen replied”

‘I guess we’ll have to take a short rest here.’ Daniel suggested.

‘I’m hungry presently.’ Darasimi replied.

‘I honestly don’t all this! Had I known, I shouldn’t have saved his life.’ He uttered.

“No.. You don’t talk like that, its not good” Darasimi uttered.

‘Hmmn.. Yes, its normal but..’

“No BUT!”

‘Let me go and get some fruits.’ He uttered.

“No.. Its dangerous to eat in this place, fruits that spirits abide in..” She uttered.

‘We have to take it easy.. Are you alright?’ Daniel faced her.

“Yes.” She replied.

“I don’t want us to even go beyond here. According to what we do hear, greatest hunters don’t even pass here or else, na death sure pass oh.” He said.

Dara sighed. “But this princess…” She shook her head.

‘All is well!’ He replied and smiled.


Tony just gave birth to a baby boy. He had been in the hospital hoping to hear the Doctor’s congratulations to him. He was so happy and jumped for joy on hearing this. He rushed home to quickly get his wife some food.

He was in the Kitchen cooking happily and singing, he had forgotten he had asthma he suddenly had an attack and was rolling on the floor, no one was at home to assist.

The King’s condition was still the same. The Queen rushed back to the palace and called on the priests apologizing to them to help her husband and forget the issue of him not serving their god.

They decided to help him. The King was brought back to the palace. It was getting late then, things turning around to evening. The priests tried all their best but didn’t know the way out. It was Chief Kolade that got the pastors that visited the palace and prayed for him.

“His destiny depends on someone’s life. Without that person, he’ll die. What God told me is that by 12:00am if the person isn’t in this palace, he’ll die.” The Pastor uttered.

‘Who could that be?’

Episode 65

The Queen continued thinking. ‘Who is this person?’


Winnie and the philosopher got to Tony’s place after receiving his call before he left the hospital that his wife gave birth and he’d like to visit the palace the following day. He called them so they would sort things out on their traveling plans for the following day.

The gate was opened. Winnie thought within her that maybe the issue of his wife giving birth to a son has made him forget to close the gate. They walked in happily after knocking severally and met the inhaler on the center table in the living room. ‘Is anyone at home at all?’ Philosopher faced Winnie.

“But that’s the inhaler that signifies the presence of Mr. Tony at home.” She replied.

‘Alright. Mr Tony!’ The man shouted his name.

Tony had heard the shouts and added to his shouts in the kitchen for them to notice he’s there and couldn’t just get to the living room to get the inhaler. “Something is happening.” Winnie thought and dropped her handbag, straight she went to the dining and finally to the Kitchen.

“Mayor! Get the inhaler!’ She screamed on seeing him on the floor. The kitchen was already stuffed with the smoke of the food on the cooker & has added to his attack.

The philosopher rushed to the kitchen easily after seeing how Winnie walked there, it was easier to locate the Kitchen than looking for it. He was with the blue inhaler, Tony was rushed out of the smoke and was aided. Straight to the hospital after the first aid.


The Queen ordered the guards to get the greatest hunters of the Kingdom immediately. They must go and quickly search the forbidden forest to quickly get Dan and Dara. One of them should be the one that will save the King. She thought.


The hunters got to the palace. Dressed in their various hunting clothes, ready for the forest.

The Queen granted their warrant and ordered their departure immediately. The King must be saved.


The hunters got to the exit of the Kingdom after a quick race. The forest guards refused on letting them into the forest. “Some people were sent there today, I can’t allow you to go there with them.” One of them uttered.

“The Queen sent us, the King is seriously ill and we must get those people out of that place.” One of the hunters convinced.

“Not possible!” One shouted.


Two of the hunters got back to the palace to inform the Queen about the issue of the guards. The Queen got into the car with them and they drove there.

7:26 pm…

The hunters finally got into the forest. They were six in number, with their giant touch-lights. They started searching and dismissed one another to start searching the forest, the way passed is unpredictable.


7:34 pm…

Tony woke back alive. He sat on the hospital bed staring at Winnie and the philosopher. “I’m so much grateful for this.” He smiled looking at them.

“Its nothing. We just have to thank God. Which is hospital is your wife?” Winnie inquired.

“Em.. HIS GRACE.” He replied.

Winnie and Mayor, the philosopher looked at each other and laughed. “We are in the same hospital then.” He replied.

They all stood up and was about leaving the ward when Tony fell on the floor and started foaming out things from his mouth suddenly.

Mayor and Winnie were surprised. Winnie rushed to the reception immediately to get the nurses who will assist her to get the Doctor that will attend to him. Everything was changing and getting out of hands.


Tomi was informed about what just happened to her husband. She was panting on the bed she was laying on, she sat down still looking around. “Someone should just come in and lead me there. At least I don’t know the way, this hospital is too big to be searching for someone.” She cried.

She dialed the number of her pastor some second later and got him informed about the incidence. “I never knew it would be you. I’ve seen a great vision that must be……”


08:11 pm…

The hunters were already scattered in the forest searching for Daniel and Dara. They all were thinking that they must have been devoured by wild animals or killed by some spirits.

They continued searching. 12:00 pm is the deadline!

The Queen and her daughter were with Ray in the room, both crying profusely and praying that those two were found and gotten to the palace within the range.

11:04 pm…

The Queen was getting more and more uncomfortable and covered with sweats. The palace had turned upside down then, no one could sleep, all awaiting the arrival of Darasimi and Daniel. Everyone sobbing that they’ll loose the King.

11:37 pm…

Dami got inside the car and ordered the driver to rush down to the Kingdom’s exit. They waited there, all hoping to see the hunters come out of the forest.

11:41 pm…

They finally got there, watching here and there. They should just come out! The Queen was shouting, with her heart beating very fast.

12:00 pm…

It was 12 pm sharp. The Princess’ phone call was received.


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