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[Story] Total Love (Complete Episodes)

[Story] Total Love (Complete Episodes)

[Story] Total Love (Complete Episodes)

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Episode 66

The Queen’s phone started ringing. She neglected the call as she saw 12 o’clock on the phone, already weeping so much. This time, the hunters were coming out of the forest with Daniel and Darasimi. “These fools are already late!” She shouted as she hooted so that they’ll notice her presence and walk faster.

They all got into the car immediately they noticed her and rushed to the palace. The Queen was still sweating despite she’s in the atmosphere of air conditioner. The Princess called her again. She picked it, “he’s dead right? I’m dead!!” She exclaimed and ended the call.

“Can’t you run, is the car telling you not to press the throttle?” She scolded the driver.

They finally got to the palace. The palace gates were wide open. No one was outside, the Queen couldn’t contain it any longer, she jumped out of the car.


She met the guards in the living room and maids, all happy wining and dining. “Are you all mad!” She shouted and rushed upstairs.

She got to the front of the King’s door and met Tony standing. She freezed, and shivering. “You can go in.” She pointed.

The Queen rushed into the room and met the King seated. She stood in front of him with surprise all over her. Tony walked inside the room also.

“Raymond.” She called stretching her hand forward.

Daniel had rushed upstairs too, at the front of the King’s room.

The King was staring at the Queen and was smiling continuously.

“How are you now?” She asked as she quickly sat beside him.

The King demonstrated that he couldn’t talk. Tony cleared his voice so that his presence will be felt. “Let’s go to the living room your highness.” He uttered, staring at the Queen.

They walked to the palace. The King couldn’t talk. Daniel dodged on noticing them coming out. He was still surprised and didn’t understand all what was going on. He walked into the King’s room and looked around. He saw his mouth organ on the table there, he picked it and dashed downstairs.

He stood by the dining and peeping. The Queen was shouting at the guards then. “What’s the celebration about, can the King talk!” She kept shouting.

Everyone kept quiet right away. The Queen was addressing them and still tilting her head to see Tony. “What is he doing here. How come? What happened?” She kept asking.

The pastors came inside the palace from outside. They’ve been discussing and praying for the King. “The mouth organ.” Tomi’s pastor uttered.

He came to “HIS GRACE” hospital and told them that for Tony to get well, he must also make sure he sees his twin brother. Although, they were all surprised about who the twin brother is, until the pastor told them its the King.

The guards were looking at one another. “Wahala dey for palace today oh, wich one be mouth organ again bayi in this matter.”

The Queen was staring at the pastor as a new face. Daniel came out from the dining and walked to the living room with his bl0*dy and tattered cloth. He stood in between everyone and showed the mouth organ.

“Who is Daniel?” The Pastor asked again.

Everyone kept staring at the pastor. No one understood them.

The Queen pointed to Daniel and he started playing his “magic mouth organ”. As he was playing, everything was changing, the King’s health started turning around, till everything changed and everyone took their rest.

The next morning…

Tony was in a hurry to leave for the city because of his wife but was delayed. Winnie was with her through out the night. The pastors didn’t allow it, they said they must settle everything at once.

Funke and Gloria rushed to the palace on hearing Daniel and Darasimi are back. They were allowed into the palace this time and they barged in.


David was also on his way to the palace to plead with the King to get him his wife and children and he has repented. He was also present in the palace that morning as Omitola was also invited to come.

The issue started.

“You were there when the delivery took place ma. Is it true the King and Tony are twins?” The pastor asked her.

“Yes.. They are.”

Everyone became quiet and surprised. The King himself filled with surprise, looking at Tony, while Tony was also staring at him, smiling.

“It was planned years back, when the Queen wanted to give birth that Tony will be given to the Queen’s friend and demonstrated that way so that they won’t be killed.” She explained.

Raymond sighed.

“Everyone thinks I’m dead, but you’re all wrong…” Tony said.

“Y.. Yea… At this junction I’ll confess.” Damilola said sadly.

“Confess?” Ruth stared at her.

“Yes.. I was the one that sent the hired killers to kill him so that he won’t disturb me about the pregnancy I was carrying then.” She explained.

“Preg what?” The King repeated and was looking at her.

“Yes. T.. Tony I…is.. Ruth’s father.” She stammered out.

“Huh?” Ruth stood up at once. Daniel was smiling where he was. “See princess.” He thought.

“You don’t mean this!” The King shouted.

“I also tried to kill Gloria and Funke, but weren’t found. Since then, they’ve not entered this kingdom.” She uttered.

“You this woman!” Raymond shouted.

“I’m sorry.” She started crying.

“So I’m an empty barrel without a successor.” The King’s eyes turned red and he rested his back.

“You have a successor!” Funke and Gloria walked in, they’ve been by the door since.

“This is serious!” Daniel laughed from his seat. Daniel and Darasimi rushed to their mothers and hugged them happily.

“A successor?” The King repeated staring at their faces. “Funke! Gloria!” He shouted and stood up, the Queen and Tony also stood up.

“What’s happening?” The King was looking around.

“Darasimi is your daughter.” Funke said.

“Darasimi?” The King stared.

episode 67

…”Yes, she’s your daughter.” She uttered.

“How come.. Come here, my dear.” The King called Darasimi.

“I was pregnant back then, but couldn’t bring myself to you. I don’t want to disturb your home and even don’t want to inherit death from the Queen.” She uttered.

“So.. I’m confused. You are Daniel’s mother too?” The King faced Gloria.

“Yes.” She replied with her head down.

“God is mighty!” The pastor smiled and shook his head.

The Queen continued crying. “Oh My God! Funke.. Gloria!” Tony smiled from his place.

“This is awesome. How did you escape death too?” Funke asked smiling.

” A man assisted me from where I was dumped, from there, I forgot everything about this Kingdom totally before God helped me to be able to remember.”

“This God is great!” The pastor repeated.

“No doubt about it then, Daniel is the crown prince.” The King uttered.

The Queen was still heavily crying.

“I want us all to sit down. We need to talk.” The Pastor said and stood in between them.

“I won’t use any bible verse but I want you to know some things. We are all humane.. We love partiality. The rule of this Kingdom is that twins should be killed but when it came to the issue of the Queen, you scraped it. God hates people who are partial. We must always do things with equality, although NO MATTER WHAT the partiality is, if God doesn’t wish it, it won’t come to pass. If God had wanted the King and Tony to be killed, they would be killed too. God does things because of something.. You may always think that why are you in poverty, why are you in problem.. God understands. There was a man striving to buy a car but God told him its not yet time. He made sure he stole so that he could buy a car, on his way back home to show everyone the car, he died in it. He knows the best time for us and best thing.

You don’t tell God this is what you want. What you want may be bad but before you, its good. Always say “LET YOUR WILL BE DONE” rather than saying you want this and that. To you Tony.. God deliberately saved your life because of the fulfillment of this day and so that his name would be glorified. Those twins that caused havoc in this Kingdom then were given by a god to the woman that gave birth to them, that was why everything turned around. Twins aren’t bad!

The Queen, its because you aren’t in God. You could have told the former King who you are in love with and fight the battle for your love, that’s a TOTAL LOVE, but because of wealth, riches, fame, you deserted everything about love and killed people. You never tempered justice. God hates it!

To you the King, because of anger, you almost destroyed a soul that now saved you. God hates anger so much, I Proverbs 14, he talked about it so much through his servant, Solomon. Anger destroy things and has nothing to offer you! To forge forward, have a TOTAL LOVE for everyone and desert bad attitudes. You almost lost your soul too if not for God’s mercy and the good things you’ve been doing.

To you all Daniel, continue with the TOTAL LOVE you have, it was the one that prevented death for you also. You would have died and become a history of the forest if not for the TOTAL LOVE you have for everyone. That’s what God loves and there are rewards for it. You fought for your love and you aren’t the Queen who gave up her love because of wealth and riches. This is your reward, that’s the Queen’s reward.

To the princess and her friends who believe eliminating anyone will let you get whatever you want but you are wrong! God kills, creates! If you kill, you have blames before God. That’s your reward too.

To you that beat your wife and desert your wife because of a woman. A promiscuous man, an adulterer, that’s your reward too. You worked severally to get everything for this your wife through hard ways but at the end, see your life. Your anger got a daughter’s spinal cord disturbed.”

“I’m sorry Gloria.. Please accept me back.” David knelt.

Gloria walked towards him and received him back.

The pastor smiled. “That’s TOTAL LOVE and there’s reward for it.

“Now that everything has cleared off. Dami and her daughter should leave the palace for me so that the Queen and my daughter will be here.” The King shouted.

“No.. That’s not TOTAL LOVE. We should be able to forgive and forget. Temper justice, my King.

“Alright, Funke and Darasimi will move into the palace also and we’ll all live together like a happy family,” he said.

“Yes.. That’s cool.” Tony smiled.






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[Story] Total Love (Complete Episodes)


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