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[Story] Total Love (Complete Episodes)

[Story] Total Love (Complete Episodes)

[Story] Total Love (Complete Episodes)

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Episode 36

Olufunke sat down, still staring at the passport. She wondered how the passport got into the house. “This is Tony.” She kept on saying it. She took the passport and kept it in her pause, she walked inside to check on Darasimi. She entered without knocking on the door. “Sorry dear, you can’t under…”

Darasimi cut in immediately. “I can understand. Who is the man in the passport? Where do you know him? What do you have with the King?” She asked.

‘All these questions will be answered but its not yet time. I’ll tell you myself all you want to know but I want you to promise me something.’ She addressed.

‘I’m all ears.’ She replied, putting on a t-shirt.

‘You won’t have anything to do with the Royal family. I don’t want their wahala.’ She replied.

‘If I should start arguing with you now, I know you won’t answer me. I’ve heard.’ She replied.


Ruth patiently waited for the Queen to arrive so she could tell her that Daniel went to her place that day. The queen just took her shower after the hectic day when Ruth she met Ruth seated on the couch in her room.

‘Can I help you?’ She said and smiled on seeing her.

‘Mum, its against Daniel oh.’ She uttered.

‘Abi you saw him and that girl together?’ She asked curiously.

‘No, but I overheard him making a call of going there.’ She replied.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of that aspect.” She replied.

Daniel was at Darasimi’s place that evening. They were at the front of the gate talking. Daniel was out of the discussion into thoughts of different kind. “Its good to be at a royal authority, the Queen commands anyhow she likes and whatever she says must be obeyed.” She uttered.

Daniel was just staring at her but thinking of entirely different thing. He was thinking of his father, how he would be at that present situation. “How will he be, without christ when he dies.” He thought in him.

“DAN!” Darasimi shouted.

He came back to normal position. “Yeah.” He quickly responded, and had a heavy exhalation.

‘What are you thinking of?’ She asked, looking worried.

‘Just had a flash of my father, thinking of how he’ll be presently and where he’ll be without christ.’ He uttered.

Darasimi smiled. “I know its not just easy not to be with ones father. Me too nko?” She asked.

‘You are trying to make jest of me abi, at least you have a father you live with happily but I don’t. Although he may has many wives but you still live with him and he doesn’t beat your mum.’ He uttered.

‘It would have been better to know my dad, beating my mum.’ She replied.

‘Meaning? You aren’t living with your father?’ He asked.

Darasimi wasn’t sure, she didn’t know how to bring the matter to an understable stage.

‘Em.. Not really pleased. The issue is just that mum acts so strange these days. Dad doesn’t attend to our needs, he does to his other wives. He hates me and my mother, I do hear them talk about the palace also. There is something hidden.’ She said in displeasing heart.

‘This is great!’ Daniel uttered.

Episode 37

Daniel and Darasimi talked for long before they departed. Daniel got to the palace looking tired, Ruth predicted he was coming from Darasimi’s place. She kept quiet and was in the living room watching cartoons. The Queen had already planted a guard that has been monitoring Daniel’s movements so she could know if Darasimi and Daniel was still meeting.

The guard returned some minutes after Daniel returned back to the palace, he waited for the Queen to return so that he would her how everything went that day. Daniel was already in his room, he took a cold shower then remembered the passport he was given by the King. He searched his clothes but didn’t find the passport, he wondered where it could be.

He slept off after searching for it without finding it. He had a dream of himself on the throne with Darasimi as the Queen. He was commanding thousands of people on the throne of that Kingdom. He woke up sweating profusely and smiled, “this is not possible.” He uttered as he stood up and walked to the living room where he saw that the Queen was already back from her outing.

The guard had downloaded everything he saw to the Queen before Daniel woke up. The Queen pretended as if she didn’t know anything and smiled at Daniel. “This girl deserves death.” She uttered smiling, after the departure of Daniel from her sight.

She was so desperate about getting whatever she wanted for her daughter. She started thinking on how she would eliminate her.

Olufunke was in the room, still thinking of how the passport got into the house. She clicked that it might be Daniel that mistakenly dropped it when he came. She rushed out to ask Darasimi that was in the living room if Daniel had asked her about the passport.

“Dara!” She shouted as she left the room.

Darsimi turned backward and stared at her. ‘Yes mum, can I help you?’ She smiled.

‘It seems you look happier than before now?’ She teased.

“Thank you mum.” She replied still smiling.

‘Has Daniel asked you about whether the passport we saw is here?’ She inquired.

“No mum.” She replied.

‘The passport is for him. Just tell him to see me to collect it when next you talk.’ She replied.

“No need mum, just give me and I’ll give him personally.” She urged.

‘No need, just tell him to see me. I’ll give him.’ She insisted.

ALRIGHT. She replied.

Daniel got to Funke’s place after Darasimi’s call. He was offered seat and served a bottle of Maltina. Darasimi sat down in the living room, she was pleased she would at least tap from their discussions when they start. Olufunke got out of the bedroom and called Daniel outside.

Darasimi was annoyed. “What’s the meaning of this, she doesn’t want me to know about their discussion? Anyhow, I’ll ask Dan, he’ll tell me.” She hissed angrily.

Daniel still didn’t know the motive behind the call Darasimi called him. They walked behind the house where there was a small farm. “This passport, is it yours?” She asked as she stretched it to him.

Daniel collected it and checked it. He was surprised. “Y..yes.” He replied staring at her surprisingly.

Olufunke smiled at him. ‘You must be very surprised dear.’ She concluded.

“More than surprised ma, em.. How did you know it belongs to me?” He asked again.

‘Wait, who’s that man in the picture?’ She asked.

Daniel looked at her, thinking why she wanted to know. “The King told me he’s Tony, his best friend who died of asthmatic attack.” He replied.

‘He’s dead?’ Funke asked surprisingly.

‘Yeah, do you by any chance know him ma?’ He asked politely.

‘Erh.. No. Just concerned about him.’ She replied.

‘Urgh.. So how did you now know that I’ll be the owner?’ He asked.

Funke sighed. “I know that I don’t have visitors, you’ll be my first visitor this week.” She replied.

“What a perfect liar.” Daniel thought. ‘Urgh, okay me.’ He smiled.

Episode 38

Weeks later…

The school resumed back. Everyone got to school with new faces, looking beautiful and handsome. Ruth changed her wardrobe and brought new sets of clothes, she had a Brazilian hair plated on her. She got new wrist watches and other jewelries and accessories, she was looking changed.

Daniel and Darasimi had already called each other to meet at a particular place so as to set out for the library. They were more determined that semester to make it more than anyone and be the best. They met at the front of a restaurant, they were happy to see each other, they’ve not met since they resumed back to school.

They got to the library and met the Princess and her friends there studying. “Don’t let us enter, Ruth will see us.” Darasimi begged.

‘What the hell will she do? Call the Queen, that’s all.’ He replied laughing.

‘I just don’t want her to see us together.’ Darasimi chorused.

‘To your greatest surprise, see what I’m gonna do.’ He said and pulled her closer to himself. He hung his hand across her neck freely and pushed her to the front, they walked into the library.

Ruth was the first to see them and alerted her friends to look at them.


Ruth and her friend kept quiet and watched them. They knew it was deliberate of them, just to make Ruth jealous. They all stood up and left the library angrily. Daniel laughed silently, he was happy he chased them out of the library. “Shey na their type dey read?” He uttered, laughing.

Ruth sent the Queen a text message immediately after leaving the library, describing what all what happened to her, her friends advised her to add lies to it, like “what can the Queen do for me?” and so on.

The Queen was infuriated on seeing the message. Although she was angry, she didn’t want to strike then. All she wanted is for her to end her course in the university then find something horrible to do to her to make her parents regret.

Ruth & her friends got back to the hostel. She was looking so unhappy and irritated. She jumped on her bed on entering into the room with different thoughts coming into her brain. ‘You are thinking about those annoying goats right?’ Bibi laughed.

“Hey! This is my husband-to-be we are talking about oh. Abeg, chill out.” She replied smiling.

‘Na you sabi. That guy sef funny, I know sey them do that thing deliberately.’ Rachael laughed.

“I think I’ll follow P-square’s steps now.” Ruth uttered.

‘P-square? In this issue we’re discussing. Do they correspond?’ Rachael asked.

“Hmmn… I’ll deal with them..” She laughed, expecting her friends to finish the remaining part.

PERSONALLY! They all shouted, laughing.

Stella pulled out of the Kitchen. “Shey none of you is eating noodles before I cook it now oh.” She asked.

‘Cook am for everyone na, we dey hung here.’ Ruth replied.

“You guys no get hands abi? Me go dey there I go dey cook noodles for you these adults wey dey talk about a guy and babe wey dey enjoy each other out there.” She laughed back to the Kitchen.

‘You no well oh Stella!’ Bibi shouted, they all laughed.

Darasimi and Daniel set the pace of becoming the best and became the best, they read and passed. They checked their results together on the school website at Dara’s place. The holiday started again, everything was on smoothly. Preparation for the next session started little-by-little.

Ruth also performed excellently and was with her mother in the living room as they checked the result together. The Queen was so happy and told her to demand anything she wished she should do for her. Ruth smiled and told her she would tell her that later.


Daniel was walking around the house while he dropped his pause at the computer room in the house. Ruth went inside the computer room to check if there were anything new on the computer when she left the house. She met his pause and opened it to search.

She saw Tony’s passport photograph. She remembered she had seen a similar picture in the King’s room. She picked it and hurried to the Queen’s room, she wasn’t there. She had gone for meetings between the women leaders of the villages in the Kingdom.

She kept the passport so that she would ask the Queen when she comes about who the person was. She was in her room as she logged into her account on facebook and read different jokes and stories. She was jobless as she just finished watching the first season of “CITY HUNTER.” She was waiting for the second season to be out. There was nothing much to watch at home, she was tired of browsing and slept off in her room.

The Queen arrived shortly after she slept. She didn’t sleep for so long also as she woke up, she thought of what to do and logged into “” she started reading a story. She didn’t know the Queen had arrived, she heard her voice faintly from her room and rushed out to quickly go and inquire about who was in the passport. She got into the Queen’s room and greeted her, she didn’t delay the issue before showing her the passport.

‘Who’s this mum?’ She asked.

The Queen was really surprised. Her heart beat kept skipping, she stared at it and started shivering. “Where did you get this?” She asked with curiosity.

‘Mum, why who’s there?’ She asked again.

‘Aaarrh… She stammered Tony out.

Episode 39

‘Why is it so hard to pronounce Tony? Mum!’ Ruth exclaimed.

‘I was surprised at how you got the picture and by the way, he’s dead.’ She replied.

‘Dead? How come?’ She asked turning the picture away from her view, she didn’t want to see the picture again.

‘He’s your father’s friend that died of asthma.’ She replied.

ASTHMA AGAIN? She uttered. Her heart was beating so fast, she was weeping and very afraid. “I can die at anytime too.” She thought.

The villages under the Kings’ kingdom had a severe meeting and decided the heads of each village will go and visit the king towards the religion he’s now interested in. He had deserted the traditional religion and priests for Pastors and churches. The other villages were still in the religion he deserted as an ungodly one.

The King was in the palace with his cabinet members discussing on the way forward when these Village heads stepped in to pick a day for them to have a meeting with him since he was busy.

The King told them to sit down, they would discuss everything out that day. They started their discussions, the cabinet members were also included in the meeting. The King refused to switch back to traditional religion other villages were in, he spoke to them about the new religion but all refused, including the cabinet members. They promised to start waging war with the King until he changes his religion and come back to bow before the gods of their land.


They left after uttering the phrase. The King was although frightened but didn’t show it so that they’d know that he believed in the God he was serving.


Ruth didn’t care to know more about Tony, like Darasimi has been doing. She went on with her life. The new year was already close, preparations for the new year festival started. The King had always been waiting for this time, its usually a time the King will travel to various villages under his Kingdom to know how far with them.

Daniel had bought Darasimi a lot of gifts, including his mother and sister. He wrapped them all and se out that afternoon of the 31st of December. It was 7:00pm already, although, the King wasn’t around, already in a village where he would sleep and continue his journey the next day which was the new year. Daniel got back home exactly 9:30pm, the Queen was in charge of the palace then. She questioned him severally to know if he was coming from Dara’s place. “Just a little time left for her to die.” The Queen thought in her.

It was just the first day of another year. Everything was getting rosy, Daniel left the house that morning and went to Darasimi’s place. He had the intention of provoking the Queen and the Princess, he was very much good at that.

Dara’s mother, Funke cooked and killed only a chicken. She was happy seeing Dan at their place to celebrate christmas with them. It was already around the evening, some minutes after four when Daniel and Darasimi took a walk outside to the forest side.

They started their discussion about the passport photograph. Daniel searched his entire pocket and wallet but couldn’t find the passport photograph. He was surprised he loosed the passport like that. They continued their discussion about it.

‘Its very surprising. But wait, let’s link some things together.’ Daniel uttered and halted.

‘Oya, start linking.’ Darasimi smiled.

‘Em.. Tony was the King’s best friend. He died of asthma and Ruth is asthmatic, we all know that asthma is heredity, so we can link it that Tony gave birth to Ruth and it looks as if the King gave birth to you.’ He uttered thoughtfully.

‘Nawa oh.. I’ve never thought this way, let’s make a plan………

The Queen was alone in the room, she was thinking about Tony. The picture Ruth brought to her was just like bringing a remembrance of the past to her. She called on a maid to call her Ruth, Ruth got there smiling. She was by the pool side with her friends while her mother called her.

“Where did you get the passport photograph from?” She inquired.

‘Em… I told you before na.’ She replied.

‘No.. You didn’t oh.’ Queen insisted.

‘Alright. I saw it in Daniel’s pause.’ She replied.


Episode 40

Daniel got home after the whole day with Darasimi. He was looking happy as if he was with the president, he passed through the living room to his room to rest for a while. He was so tired and full, he didn’t bother to come downstairs for dinner again.

The Queen wasn’t at peace, it was just as if her conscience wasn’t giving her rest, she was sighing up and down. Although the arrival of the King was near, the following day. The school will resume on the seventh of January.


Darasimi was sitting on the sofa in the living room watching the Television and kids that were shown that went to celebrate new year in a broadcasting corporation. She was smiling and sipping a bottle of Maltina while her mother walked out of the room, she just took a shower and relaxed on the sofa.

Darasimi stared at her for a moment, Olufunke wasn’t looking towards her direction. She was palming her hair that was wet, she felt refreshed.

“Mum!” Darasimi suddenly called.

Olufunke quickly raised her head up and looked at her. “Yeah. Why the shout?” She asked.

‘Nothing.’ She smiled.

“Nothing? And shouted that way?” She asked with curiosity of knowing why she was suddenly shouted upon.

‘Okay, just want to gist you about Tony.’ She replied smiling.

“TONY?” Olufunke asked staring at her, she took off her hand from her hair.

‘Yeah, or you don’t want to?’ She asked laughing.

‘You aren’t serious, do you now want to start teasing me?’ She shouted.

“Mum, just tell me what happened back then. Tony was asthmatic, Ruth also is asthmatic. Does it mean Tony is Ruth’s father?” She winked.

Funke was short of words. She stared at her for a moment and smiled. She walked up to her and sat beside her. “I’ll tell you want you’ve always wanted to hear. This is how it went……………..


The heavily pregnant woman was rushed in by her husband. He was panicking and breathing heavily. The man just married, so that was his first time of engaging himself in a woman’s labour. The woman eventually got to the midwife’s place, “Omisola” by name. She was the only able and best midwife in the entire Kingdom.

She welcomed them into the delivering house, she called her daughter to prepare everything needed. Her beautiful daughter, “Omitola” of twenty-five years of age. She started preparing the delivering room back to its normal structure and the woman was helped into the room while her husband was outside.


King Phillips, the paramount ruler of the great Kingdom. He ruled several villages under his kingdom with the rules of his forefathers and the ones he formulated himself. He was wealthy and very rich but despite all of this, he had something he was never happy with, he was asthmatic. If it wasn’t the oracle that chose him, he wouldn’t have been chosen as the King. Once he was attacked, it was usually very terrible, but once in a while.

Queen Olatoye, the King’s only wife. She was like an epitome of beauty. She was very beautiful and happily married to her husband but with no child for several years. Thank the gods of the Kingdom that King Phillips wasn’t interested in women, or else, he would have married several so that he would have children in the world and even a crown prince.

The family was a very happy one, just that the King was very stubborn when it comes to bringing the rules and regulations of the Kingdom to reality.


The woman was in labour for two days. The delivery was very serious, the husband couldn’t go back home. He was very afraid and stayed with his wife but was unable to see her.

It was very early in the morning, around 5:00am when Omisola called on her daughter to quickly go into the bush and get her some leaves that will aid the delivery. Omitola, the daughter was usually observant. She had always loved her mother’s profession and wished to take over after the demise of her mother.

The leaves were gotten and the woman eventually gave birth to a set of twins. Omitola wasn’t in the house then, she got home and met the woman weeping profusely and the husband also, Omisola was also sad to hear she gave birth to a set of twins, it was just as if disaster broke out.

Omitola entered and met them in the mood. She saw two handsome boys on the floor and stared at her mother. She walked closer and asked her what happened.

“She gave birth to twins.” Omisola replied her.


According to the tradition and rules of the Kingdom, twin children are assumed to be evil and are usually thrown into the evil forest for them to be devoured by animals and die. The woman was weeping profusely that she gave birth to twins, they were even identical.

The children were brought before the King, King Phillips who had no mercy and hated parabulating. He ordered the priests and guards in charge of things like that to eliminate the children by throwing them into the evil forest. The hard labour of two days was killed just like that because of the assumption that they were devilish and evil.


It was immediately after the judgment of putting the twins to death by throwing them into the evil forest that the King had his serious attack and was rushed to the hospital in the city for treatment. It was as if the babies attacked him themselves and dealt with him.

The Queen was in her room, weeping and very sad. “Where someone is searching for just a child, two children were thrown into the forest.” They don’t pity the nine months the woman used to carry the pregnancy and the pains, bl0*d, tears shed before the baby could come to the world. They kill twins without mercy in that Kingdom.

Oluwaseun, the Queen’s honorable best friend from childhood. She lived close to the palace and was very beautiful. She had given birth to four children and was living with her husband. She came around and knocked at the Queen’s door, only to be surprised that she was crying and in deep thought.

She sat close to her and started cooling her down and speaking sense into her. She was a patient and wise woman.

‘My Queen, you don’t need all this you are into mow. You ought to be happy every time, what if I wasn’t the one that entered, someone else would have seen you in tears.’ She uttered.

‘Imagine, where someone had no child, two born babies were killed. Very soon, the King will marry another wife because of his health. We all know that asthma is very deadly and dangerous, he would want to have a son on earth now.’ She complained.

‘Is that why you are crying? Come of it “ore”‘ she hit her by her left hand.

‘This is not a matter of happiness. I’m more than being sad. I jus…..’ She felt dizzy and was just like vomiting. She quickly stood up and rushed into the restroom to vomit, she collapsed on her way back due to the dizziness. She was also rushed to the hospital where the King was.

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