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COMPLETE: Royal Castle Season 1 Episode 1-30 – Nollywood Tv-Series

COMPLETE: Royal Castle Season 1 Episode 1-30 – Nollywood Tv-Series

COMPLETE: Royal Castle Season 1 Episode 1-30 – Nollywood Tv-Series | FREE DOWNLOAD | TORRENT | HD 1080p | x264 | WEB-DL | DD5.1 | H264 | MP4 | 3GP | WATCH ONLINE | 720p | DVD | Bluray.

Royal Castle

A drama about a rich and influential family ruled by a forceful matriach. When she pressures her son to marry from a certain family, thos opens up old wounds as well as new ones. Chris Attoh, Yul Edochie, Keira Hewatch, Cynthia Ihebe

Royal_Castle_Season_1_Episode_1_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 36.8 MB
Royal_Castle_Season_1_Episode_2_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 36.6 MB
Royal_Castle_Season_1_Episode_3_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 33.0 MB
Royal_Castle_Season_1_Episode_4_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 35.4 MB
Royal_Castle_Season_1_Episode_5_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 32.0 MB
Royal_Castle_Season_1_Episode_6_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 35.6 MB

Royal_Castle_Season_1_Episode_7_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 34.0 MB
Royal_Castle_Season_1_Episode_8_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 32.3 MB
Royal_Castle_Season_1_Episode_9_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 31.5 MB
Royal_Castle_Season_1_Episode_10_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 35.3 MB
Royal_Castle_Season_1_Episode_11_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 30.5 MB
Royal_Castle_Season_1_Episode_12_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 40.7 MB

Royal_Castle_Season_1_Episode_13_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 39.9 MB

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