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COMPLETE: The Getaway Season 1 Episode 1-13 [HD QUALITY]

COMPLETE: The Getaway Season 1 Episode 1-13 [HD QUALITY]

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COMPLETE: The Getaway Season 1 Episode 1-13 [HD QUALITY]

TOX is an incurable womanizer who likes to hit on young girls and arrives to see his ex wife WENDY. Amba is most unhappy about the prospect of spending a week at some out-of-the-way hotel. An excited Oliseh enters the bedroom to discover that Beverly is not dressed for the trip, because she just discovered of another one of his affairs.Dan and Amba also arrive at the hotel.

The_Getaway_Season_1_Episode_1_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 51.8 MB
The_Getaway_Season_1_Episode_2_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 58.5 MB
The_Getaway_Season_1_Episode_3_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 53.4 MB
The_Getaway_Season_1_Episode_4_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 56.7 MB
The_Getaway_Season_1_Episode_5_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 57.8 MB
The_Getaway_Season_1_Episode_6_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 58.0 MB

The_Getaway_Season_1_Episode_7_9jaRocks_Com.mp4 – 95MB

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  5. my best Nollywood TV series ever. More episode pls

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