Friday , 20 January 2017
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Quick Change by Beyond D Veil

Quick Change by Beyond D Veil


Awesome performance by this outstanding crew. Their moves were exact and in synchronism, which is something I hardly find out in most dance groups. To crown it all, it was dramatic and the quick change they did on stage made it seem like magic!

I have this dance group that I started some years ago, we have done pretty well in terms of high profile invitation to events. But I felt it was interrupting my garment business so I almost killed it. Now I want to resurrect it again and I am talking to all my friends to help us promote this video on Facebook and other social media. Everything in the video was created by me.
– Prince Uche (+2348036778759)

Download the video (Quick Change By Beyond D Veil) or stream it online below;




Quick Change by Beyond D Veil

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