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(Album) Zlatan – “Resan Album” feat. Buju, Ms Banks, Bella Shmurda



Resan The Album by Zlatan is finally out!!! Listen HERE!

Nigerian rapper, Zlatan drops his sophomore album titled “RESAN“. According to the Zanku records boss and president;

There were predictions that I wonât be here for long, but God and my fans have proven all naysayers wrong. For this, Iâm joyous and grateful.

Iâve burnt the candle at both ends to ensure that our album is top notch. I worked my ass out to please my fans and not let yâall down. Itâs been hard but itâs been worth it.’

Resan The album is a 12 track project that features; Buju, Ms Banks, Bella Shmurda, Davido, Phyno, Flavour, Rayvanny & Sho Madjozi with the previously released singles – ‘Alubarika’ and ‘Ale Yi’.


On his sophomore album, the multi-talented Zlatan Ibile takes stock of his ongoing progress as an artist. ââResanâ is actually a Swedish word that means âthe journeyâ,â he tells Apple Music. âI called it that because thereâs something particular about my journeyâfrom being a grassroots artist to being someone thatâs celebrated globally. I want the people to know what my music career has looked like so far

Delicately balancing cohesion and experimentation, the rapper stands firmly in his Zanku sound while exploring several themes over Amapiano, drill and highlife-infused instrumentation. This is the first time Zlatan has something different to tell, so there are improvements, new sounds and different skills.

The rapper talks Apple Music through his second album, track by track;

“That Guy”

âThis is that kind of âWake Upâ vibeâthanking God for life and everything. I said, âMany people have tried, and many people have failed/But I donât want to be that guy.â That means the only guy I want to be is a successful one. Itâs for everybodyâwhen you listen to the lyrics, you can now pick the kind of guy you want to become.â

“Alubarika” (feat. Buju)

ââAlubarikaâ means âcertainâ, and this is like a prayer song as well. As Iâm going and comingâwhen I leave my houseâsuccess must come out of it. I was just at home in 2019 and saw a tweet saying, âI want Zlatan on this songâ. I didnât really know who he was then, but fast-forward to 2021 and Buju is one of the hottest artists in Nigeria. Iâm happy for him and happy I could play a little role in his journey as well.â


ââLevelâ is for the gals dem! Iâm using this one to praise all the girls. Just as youâre built, donât look down on yourself. You have level on your own and donât let anyone tell you that you donât.â

“Shakur” (feat. Ms Banks)

âThis is a drill song, and I just felt I needed a UK rapper on it. I recorded it in Lagos but was in London a while back. Ms Banks is my G, and we were in studio together; I played the track for her and she loved it. âShakurâ is Yoruba slang where youâre saying, âYouâre free to show yourself and free to feel yourselfâ.â

“Polongo” (feat. Bella Shmurda)

âThe chemistry between me and Bella is spiritual. Heâs someone Iâve always known had something in him that the world needs to listen to. During COVID, we connected more and had music camps together. We were recording so many songs and thatâs how we got his âCash Appâ track, âHalleluâ with Masterkraft and this one. We recorded around that time period, but this is a different vibe entirely. We actually got inspiration from Danfo Drivers, who are some Nigerian OGs who did that highlife kind of sound.â


âI recorded this song two years ago, and every time I was making a project, Iâd try to infuse it. I lost the data, and thereâs always something with making a beat again! I wasnât comfortable with the beats I was making, but I was able to work with P.Priime, who delivered. The tempo went down a bit âcause I really wanted everybody to listen. This is a marital song, talking about us not being unfortunate by going into wedlock with someone thatâs not meant for us.â

“One Life”

âThis is for my party people! You only live once, whether you like it or not, and you actually need to live it to the fullest. I worked on this song with a producer named Willis, who actually produced âCelebrate Meâ by Patoranking. I like to work with young people that have drive and hunger âcause the connection is always different. In Nigeriaâand every part of the worldâamapiano is big and thatâs good for South Africans. We have to celebrate with them right now, as amapiano cuts across all countries and continents.â

“Money” (feat. Davido)

â[Davidoâs] my brother and my main man. We have this chemistry that goes beyond us being colleagues; weâre quite cool friends. I didnât wanna disappoint those who love hearing me and Davido together. So, this one is talking about me not wanting to look like I have money when I donât, âcause if you donât have money, theyâll steal your wife!â

“Ale Yi”

âThis was the last song I recorded on the project, and itâs just a nice vibe. I just knew it had to go out immediately when I recorded it! I was thinking about a lot of things, and even if you think [about them] from now âtil tomorrow, you canât solve your problemsâjust forget your worries and enjoy yourself.â

“Fada” (feat. Phyno & Flavour)

âHaving both Flavour and Phyno on a track is destruction already! Now spiced up with the Zanku as well. It sounds so perfect.â

“Energy” (feat. Rayvanny & Sho Madjozi)

âI recorded âEnergyâ a year ago, and Iâm just appreciating Godâs work for creating these sexy women. This is a banger for dancers across the world. Iâm looking forward to going to Tanzania and South Africa to shoot this video.â

“See Me So”

âThis is just a vibe where Iâm singing to a lady, proposing my love to her.â

Listen to the Full EP below

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