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Factory worker goes from 200 followers to 500,000 followers after Kim K replied him on Twitter, now earns ?5,000 from social media work

25-year-old factory worker Jerome Billingham, who packs laundry for a living is now earning ?5,000 from social media work, after Kim Kardashian replied to his tweet.
His 2013 tweet reads: “Do you notice your fans? I love you loads! #hotlove.” “Love you too,” Kim replied and Jerome’s followers skyrocketed from 200 to 20,000 in a week. Now with over half a million followers on his two Twitter accounts, with his main account getting six million views a month, Clothing companies now send him free clothes at his family home in Louth, Lincolnshire, and dozens of other businesses send him free samples while begging him to promote their goods.

He now makes an estimated ?5,000 a year tweeting about high street companies, such as Primark. He also does promotional work for E4.

Jerome said:

“I was doing a 6 a.m. shift at my work in a factory and I’d seen she’d tweeted something, I can’t even remember what she tweeted now, but I just replied to ask if she ever noticed her fans. I didn’t think anything of it and was walking to work and then my phone just started going ping ping ping and going crazy. “I thought: ‘What the hell’s happened?’ and actually wondered if there had been a technological fault with my phone but then I saw hundreds and thousands of replies saying: ‘Congratulations, well done son’.” In addition to his clothing promotions, Jerome gets into clubs and gets alcohol for free in exchange for free tweets. He now works for Haven Holidays but hopes to concentrate full time on social media soon.
He said: “I have had so many people reach out and offer sponsorship. Lad Bible and Boohooman wanted me to work for them. I did campaigns for E4’s Tattoo Fixers, Primark’s Christmas range, they’d sent me stuff and pay me almost ?100 a tweet. I do that much on Twitter now I can barely keep up with it all.”

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