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Lady wearing halter neck dress disgraced by a group of men (Video)


A lady walking on a street was disgraced by a group of men for wearing a black halter neck dress.

The lady who was minding her business walking down the street was booed and disgraced by a group of men who followed behind her before she was given a wrapper by another lady to cover up herself.

We are not certain what country or city this happened but it is shocking to see this happen in Africa in 2019.

Watch the video below.

Westernized mood of dressing is not fully accepted in some part of Africa as it is believed based on culture and believe that women should be properly covered up. Outfits of this nature are considered indecent dressing.

See reactions from Nigerians below.

Gosh I’m disgusted!!! – doccydsongbird

Such low lives. Animals – nwanyi_ukpor

Chai this is so unfair – juliepee2

She was on the wrong street. I’m sure she wasn’t aware it’s a street filled with early men – pearlyugo

They still do this in Zambia – ____nyembile98____

I don’t think it’s Nigeria 🇳🇬 – gracevalue

My dear. Even in 3019, they will still be the same. I experienced such at ketu Lagos. The lady wore bum shorts. She had to enter a shop just because of their talks. Mtchew – agnes_o.o

Like which state be this, but u can’t blame them, they never see this kind thing for the first time, they no even get light to watch TV, The only phone they have in the whole village to video this is still not clear and the dress is not bad either – cm__boi

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