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Men are the cause of high divorce rate in African countries – Life Coach


A Life Coach has revealed the reason men are the cause of high divorce rate in African countries.

Solomon Buchi, a life coach took to his social media account to explain how men have are the cause of thee high rate of divorce in Africa.

He wrote;

Men are the cause of high divorce rate! . If men were to put the kind of effort women put into making their marriage work, divorce rates will be low and many women will be happy. A woman can’t be building marriage with a man who’s scattering it.

A submissive woman can’t build a marriage with an unsubmissive man. An accountable woman can’t build marriage with an unaccountable man. A faithful woman can’t build marriage with a community penis. A prayerful woman can’t build a marriage with a prayer-less man.

A woman has to cook, clean, wash, submit, obey, be corrected, pray, fast, and the man’s work is to bring money and give orders, cheat and disrespect her. Why won’t divorce be rampant? When it’s not slavery. Men are the cause of high divorce in African countries! Women are tired!

Marriage is not between a dictator and his subordinate. Marriage is between two equal partners who should put in the SAME amount of energy to make it work. Nobody is to do more! So if men ain’t ready to make it work too, to hell with them! Bye!

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