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Ric Hassani dating Jemima Osunde?


Ric Hassani and Jemima Osunde might be the next Nigerian celebrity couple as the pair have been giving various hints on social media.


In a recent social media post, Ric revealed he is ‘toasting’ Jemima, a statement that means he is asking her out for a romantic relationship.

He was responding to a social media user who asked him out on a date, and he responded by letting the user know he is occupied at the moment. The user wrote;

Hey Ric, I honestly do like you and I want to take us on a date. You good?

He responded:

“I’m toasting Jemima at the moment.”

This won’t be the first time the celebs would drop hints on social media, Nollywood actress, Jemima Osunde had few days back openly declared her interest in Ric Hassani.

The singer shared a selfie himself in the United States, while admiring how well the country suites him.

He tweeted;

“See naw, America fit me die, I swear,”

Shooting her shot, Jemima then retweeted Hassani’s tweet on Twitter, as she declared her marry intention to the singer. According to Jemima, she loves the singer even though he snapped his selfie like her father’s age.

“Ric, even though you snapped these selfies like my daddy’s age mate, I can still marry you,” Jemima wrote.

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