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Chanda Mbao – President


We have a new presido in town and it’s none other than Chanda Mbao who has taken it upon himself to make the Yobally lifestyle something we can all mess with. That’s by turning it into an Association and even emerging as the first Yobally President.
Join the wave by checking out his new song titled “President” and getting familiar with the Yo Bally Code of Conduct stated below.
The Yo Bally Code of Conduct
1. A tough own knows that there is one true Master. One overall Ruler.
2. A tough own respects his parents, especially his queen.
3. A tough own can never be lazy. He understands the value of hustle and does not rely on luck.
4. A tough own believes in integrity and is not afraid to tell the truth.
5. A tough own doesn’t bully those who are unable to defend themselves. On the contrary, he stands up for those who need it.
6. A tough own respects women.
7. A tough own invests in his community with his money, time and other resources.
8. A tough own understands the importance of sheets but does not need sheets to impress others.
9. A tough own has high standards for himself and others. He strives for excellence.
10. A tough own is a well-rounded individual–he lives an active lifestyle, excels at sports, excels in his main job/hustle and excels in his other pursuits and passions.
Listen to ‘President‘ below. Enjoy.

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