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Sunny Neji – Zankaliwa



The legendary Highlife king Sunny Neji the brains behind the political unity in Cross-River State with his smash hit single âOne North One Loveâ, is back with another hit cracker which will definitely rock the airwaves and he titles this âZankaliwaâ.
Sunny Neji is a house hold name in Highlife music and the industry as a whole, his impact and contribution over the years is not in question with regards to smash hits like âOrukaâ âIkebeâ âLovi Doviâ âAbosedeâ etc.
Zankaliwa is the latest addition from the highlife icon a melodious rhythm which does not fall short of expectation compared to the standard of music Sunny Neji is known for. âNa the way you dey zankaliwa make i zankaliwa ehâ âyou give me heat when everywhere chilli chilli chilliâ; lovely tune, enjoy.

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