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Millionaire Samuel Leeds gives away free house and car in London park


A silent millionaire Samuel Leeds was recently in the news after he made attempts to gift strangers in Hyde Park, London a free car and a house.

The real estate guru conducted a social experiment on April 3rd at the park to see how strangers would react to an offer of those free items worth thousands of Pounds.

Millionaire Samuel Leeds gives away free house and car in London park

Samuel offered to give away one of his houses for free, along with a separate giveaway in a mystery box.  The experiment began when Samuel walked around Hyde Park in London with a contract of his house worth 60 thousand pounds.

He went around the park asking if they wanted to sign the contract and own the house, no mortgage and just legal fees to be paid. Not one person came forward to sign the papers and own the house. Most people ignored him or thought it to be a prank.

The other giveaway was a mystery box. Samuel put up 1000 pounds and the keys of his range rover in that mystery box. He also went around offering the mystery box for a mere price of 3 pounds and asked people if they wanted to check what was inside the box.

Not one person in the whole park was ready to take the risk and check that box. Samuel then decided to take the contract of his house and ask people directly if they wanted it for free.

A lady at the park identified as Georgia was close to signing the contract, but her friend discouraged her from doing as she feared it might be a scam.

It was so unfortunate that at the end of the day, no one was able to trust Samuel enough to accept the juicy offers.

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