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Rotimi Amaechi: Delegates at APC presidential primary now regretting their decisions


Rotimi Amaechi has stated that some delegates, who voted at the special convention of the APC were now regretting their decisions.


Amaechi, a former governor of Rivers State, said some of the voters at the party’s convention took money and are now regretting their decisions.

âThose who voted at the APC primaries, who are they? They are ordinary Nigerians. The small money they got solved their immediate problem, now they are saying they made a mistake, you are now hearing different things” Amaechi said in Port Harcourt at the 60th birthday celebration of Apostle Eugene Ogu, General Overseer of Abundant Life Evangel Mission.

âIf you are praying for us, pray for the leadership of the country, but also pray for ordinary Nigerians to be able to choose the right president to govern the country.

âThose Bishops you saw (at the unveiling of Shettima) may not be Bishops but they are Christians. Pray for the ordinary Nigerians. Please vote for APC, I am not joking. May God make you vote for the right candidate that will change Nigeria.

âGiving money is not the solution to Nigeriaâs problem. The solution to Nigeriaâs problem is that all of you must all rise.

âWhen I was giving contracts and money, they said Amaechi is not a good man and I left office now, what am I? A saint. When you marry two wives, you know that the first one is better.

âPeople are now saying when Amaechi was here insecurity was not like this bad. Remember, I was always in the bushes chasing those criminals. When you kidnap, I will come and look for you. I will call the security heads, we go into the bush together and we must recover the man. Now kidnapping is natural, as you are you expect to be kidnapped. Nobody cares.â

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