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🔥Up North – Nollywood Movie

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“Up North” – A film about Bassey Otuekong, who gets sent to Bauchi for his NYSC assignment as a punishment for defying his father.
Cast: Banky W, Rahama Sadau, T. Boss, Ibrahim Suleiman, Kanayo O. Kanayo, Adesua Etomi, Michelle Dede


Filename: Up.North.mkv
Filesize: 251.72 MB
Duration: 01:35:19


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      This website is a bomb always uploading the lastest

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  41. Those having difficulties, can try to download from the server 2. that was what i used, when the first one was giving me issues.

  42. please how do i watch the movie from here or better still how do i download it form the site cause I’ve tried it but isn’t downloading

    1. This is one of d most useless movies I have watched ds yr…. With all d hype n it came out to b a ist class flop…. Am done watching any hyped film…. No one meets d anticipated standard

  43. This is one of d most useless movies I have watched ds yr…. With all d hype n it came out to b a ist class flop…. Am done watching any hyped film…. No one meets d anticipated standard

  44. This is one of d most useless movies I have watched ds yr…. With all d hype n it came out to b a ist class flop…. Am done watching any hyped film…. No one meets d anticipated standard

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    We still await ‘Lade and The Beat’ sir!

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